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Ul. Letnikovskaya, 10, build 2, 9th floor
115114, Moscow
Tel. +7 495 792 54 92
Fax +7 495 792 54 93

The Firm has had its own offices in Moscow since 1995.
The Moscow Office is in a position to offer high quality legal services covering the Russian Federation, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the States of the former Soviet Union in general.

Areas of practice include Commercial and Corporate law, Employment law, IP, Tax and Dispute Resolution. The Moscow Office is an ideal resource for foreign investors coming to Russia, as well as a facility valuable for Russian companies who need legal assistance in Italy and elsewhere in the European Union, serving as the contact point towards the Italian offices of the Firm and their professionals.
The Moscow Office is staffed with resident lawyers fluent in Russian, Italian and English.

Thanks to a rich track record of experience with international companies, our professional in Moscow have fully developed a western approach and operate in line with international standards of quality and efficiency.
Clients can count on an in-depth knowledge of the Russian legal system as well as the assistance of the professionals located in the other offices of De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani.

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