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Both for internal use and as a supplementary updating service, our Firm publishes Eurodejalex, a monthly newsletter (in Italian), prepared by our Brussels Office and our International Tax Department, on new developments in European Union rules, regulations and judicial decisions.
Memoranda are also prepared on specific topics, with particular reference to new legislation and case law.
The Firm regularly organizes, cooperates and participates in significant seminars, conferences and conventions of scientific and professional interest.
Finally, partners and associates of the Firm regularly publish legal books and articles within their professional field of expertise, a selection of which is included.

The contents of the above publications are covered by copyright and are intended to provide general information only. They do not constitute legal advice. Neither the Firm nor the persons involved can be held liable for the use made of information contained therein nor for any mistake or error that may exist despite care taken in the drafting and revision of the same. Should a legal opinion be required on any specific item, a partner in the Firm should be consulted directly.