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We have decided to use this form of communication so as to not only to keep our clients informed both speedily and continuously - hence reducing the need for newsletters - but also so that anyone interested can follow directly on twitter our forthcoming events.
We therefore invite you to follow us on the twitter account that best meets your interests.
This is the official profile of De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani in Italy.

@dejalexIT provides news and further information on the more important issues within the areas of interest of the firm's clients and updates on events organised by the Milan and Rome offices.
Dejalex Twitter Italia
@dejalexEU is the firm's twitter account where you will find updates on important matters concerning the European Union and the countries belonging to it.

Information on regulations, directives, decisions taken by the UE on issues of particular interest is only some of the news we will be supplying via this account.
Dejalex Twitter Europa
Via @dejalexRussia, the Moscow office of our firm will supply constantly updated information on the more important facts concerning Russia and the CIS countries. The account is intended to be a special point of reference for both foreign investors there and for Russian companies seeking advice in Italy.
Dejalex Twitter Europa