Insolvency and Distress

Our extensive experience in insolvency law, restructuring and distressed investment is the result of many years spent in assisting the various players in insolvency procedures, including several multinational groups belonging to a variety of industries; to name a few, tourism and travel, onboard product and services, workwear fabrics, machine tools, water treatment, food, retail, betting and gaming.

In particular, our Insolvency Team has developed specialized expertise in assisting creditors in the aviation industry.

We assist creditors in dealing with all phases of cross-border insolvency procedures and in litigation arising therefrom. Over the years, we have assisted a number of important foreign groups in investing in assets and businesses from companies in distress and involved in insolvency procedures, including negotiating business lease agreements with the insolvency administrators prior to the sale of the relevant business assets as a going concern.

Through our network of foreign correspondents, we regularly assist insolvency procedures and extraordinary administrations in handling litigation, winding up of foreign subsidiaries, sale and recuperation of assets, credits and capital.



We clearly understand that every distressed situation is unique, and never use a “one size fits all” approach. We always investigate all possible options in order to get the business back on the right track and preserve the client’s assets. To do so we regularly cooperate with other professionals, economists and business consultants.

We combine our established experience in distressed company investing transactions with leading M&A expertise: these competences allow us to cover all aspects of a transaction.

When a company is facing a difficult financial situation, time is more essential than ever: therefore we undertake rapid due diligence of all commercial and legal risks to present the client all possible alternatives.