In a historic context in which technology has become global and an integral part of our lifetime, and of what we wear and eat every day, the centrality of man and of his cognitive skills is reaffirmed.

The challenge issued by the IOT – Internet Of Things -, by robotics and artificial intelligence finds a natural antagonist in the enhancement of what remains exclusively “human”: the skills that distinguish man and pertain to the sphere of values and emotions.

Also the way in which people welcome and relate to technology has changed: no longer only as consumers, but also as users, in search of solution interfaces that are not only easy to understand but that, on the contrary, encompass people’s needs and offer a tailor-made, efficient, credible and reliable offer.

This renewed concreteness in the use of technology reflects also in the definition of new housing and working contexts. We talk about smart cities and multifunctional areas where physical infrastructures are more and more connected with the immaterial ones and related to human, intellectual and social capital, to the quality of communication, knowledge and encounter.

Therefore, the ways of being, living and working change, physical structures adapt, and the relationship with work itself and with its ways of performance changes, often deconstructed and “external” as well as, ideally, more respectful towards the demand for greater “work/life balance”, in an exchange of value that allows businesses to retain the best talents and ensure a high level of involvement and commitment to the benefit of the highest levels of productivity.

Last but not least, when we talk of society we must necessarily point out the changes that, directly and indirectly, derive, just to make some examples, from progress in the medical field, rising of the average age, new life-styles, decline of birth rate, continuing situations of conflict and political instability, migratory phenomena, which have epochal impacts on society and on how tackle them, in the long term. We deal with all this every day.