Chemistry has been used massively for decades to support heavy industry, with tough consequences on cities areas surrounding industrial plants, citizens’ health and salubrity of the environment. Nowadays, technological evolution and new discoveries on materials are leading the sector towards more “ethical” goals, aimed at improving life quality, protecting water, air and soil, supporting human health and, at the same time, goals of qualitative growth in the wave of an unprecedented development.

Important achievements have been gained in the areas of medicine and the building industry, to exemplify, with coatings suitable to remove bacteria and pollutants or crystals that suck in, store and return oxygen, but even in agriculture, with low-emission products used in manufacturing cosmetics, feeding humans and animals and treating biomasses for production of energy.

These are extremely important systemic innovations, offering great opportunities but entailing material liabilities for all stakeholders, companies and authorities alike, for whose protection full knowledge of production processes and structures, of the tools required to preserve business know-how and intellectual property and deal with competitors, partners and public bodies are necessary.



We have been active in the chemical sector over the years and gained a qualified expertise in assessing legally all features of chemical products’ lifecycles, from research and development up to access to market, compliance with domestic and EU regulations and REACH implementation, authorization and registration proceedings and requirements arising from antitrust legislation.

To exemplify, we assisted a global leader in the sector of powder coatings and paints, dealing successfully with industrial secrets issues, unfair practices, employees’ diversion, termination for cause of agency agreements, relations with customers and suppliers.

We pay peculiar attention to the continuous evolution of technologies and protection of Intellectual property: registration and protection of new products, production processes, licensing and sale of patents, patent box structures.

We provide assistance and advice to protect clients’ governance, monitoring mergers and acquisitions, negotiating partnerships and joint ventures, with a special focus on compliance with antitrust legislation, conceiving and implementing models of delegation of powers and responsibilities for the most effective management of the liability of company directors and officers.