Recently, the world economy has been shaken by continuous stresses: from the COVID-19
pandemic to global supply chain disruptions, from extreme weather events to a global energy
supply crisis that has severely impacted fuel and power prices.

The conflict in Ukraine has led to even further increases in energy prices and security-of-supply
concerns. However, the transition to a lower-carbon energy system continues and is
accelerating in Italy; experts foresee that the coming decade will likely see a rapidly-changing
energy landscape. Renewables and decarbonization technologies will be at the center of the
future growth in energy investment.

The global commitment to reducing emissions has gained momentum: even if it looks
impossible -notwithstanding the involvement of all the countries of the world- to reach the 1,5°
limit, the acceleration of transition driven by technology and regulatory evolution is continuing.

Substantial cross-sector investment is required to accelerate the energy transition, and
expected returns are highly scenario dependent, especially in the conventional energy segment.

We have been active in the energy sector accompanying clients belonging to the oil and gas,
solar, wind and other renewables sectors on a wide range of issues, both in contentious and
non-contentious matters, with a pragmatic and multidisciplinary approach that involves many
of our practice areas according to the stage of the project, from regulatory to public
procurement and tenders, from acquisition to dispute resolution settlement, from permits and
authorizations to financing.