Art Law


Private clients, artists, art galleries, auction houses, collectors, authors, publishers and producers.


Assistance and advice, both contentious and non-contentious, on a national and international scale, with regard to:

  • Copyright
  • Licences
  • Sponsorships
  • Restoration
  • Donations, patronage and pro-bono activities
  • Art funds and art bonus
  • Forgery, falsification and theft of works of art
  • Transfer of works of art, notified and unnotified, public law issues
  • Advertising
  • Authenticity and expertise
  • Inheritance and estate issues
  • Leasing and loans secured by pledge of works of art
  • Notification of cultural assets
  • Insurance issues
  • National and international sales
  • Purchases in Italy and abroad
  • Relationships with organizations and institutions, foundations, gallery owners and collectors, publishers and curators, auction houses
  • Loans, transport and insurance of works of art
  • Relationships with institutions such as the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and local Fine Arts Departments


  • for the commissioning of works of art and artistic performances
  • of partnership for the production of works of art
  • for shows, events and exhibitions
  • of financing

We provide advice and assistance on any matter relating to Art Law, on a national and international scale.