Private Clients


Italian and foreign individuals from all over the world.


Issues concerning foreign investment in assets situated in Italy and abroad, including:

  • Real property acquisitions in Italy for investment or retirement / second home use.
  • We assist with every step, from the selection of the property, review of the agency agreement, and preparation of the irrevocable offer through to the finalization of the notarial deed of sale and purchase
  • Structuring of investments through highly sophisticated corporate and trust mechanisms for the purposes of tax optimization of both Italian and foreign tax
  • Obtaining authorizations and building permits, negotiating with architects and builders for restoration works, selecting contractors and related agreements
  • Drafting property lease agreements, property management agreements for tourism and other uses
  • Assistance in the purchase of valuable assets, such as antiques, art works, jewelry, yachts, classic cars, delivery and exportation
  • Drafting of wills, multiple wills, estate planning
  • Drafting trusts, registering foreign trusts in Italy
  • Italian estate administration, assistance in Italian and international successions comprising assets in both Italy and other jurisdictions
  • Tax structuring of Italian and international successions
  • Assistance to foreign charities in the execution of Italian donations
  • Representing clients before the Italian courts and in multi-jurisdictional disputes regarding the validity of testamentary wills, conflicting wills, the assets of the deceased estate situated in different jurisdictions, disputes over the application of the forced share
  • Advice on the interpretation and application of the EU Regulation "Brussels IV" on jurisdiction and applicable law in succession and its impact in different European countries
  • Immigration assistance for personal or business reasons
  • Protection of personal data, data theft and reputation protection

Private client matters require the ability to explain the legal issues and their ramifications to the client in a way that involves them in the decision-making process and allows them full control of their assets and investments.

Our partners, several of whom are qualified in common law countries, are able to interface with a network of correspondents in all European countries and anywhere in the world and to understand and relate to interlocutors of all backgrounds and cultures