Private Clients

De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani has been assisting private domestic and foreign individuals in connection with their Italian and overseas property and investments since the Firm’s foundation in 1975.

That translates into over 40 years’ continuous experience in assisting high worth Italian and foreign residents from around the world in dealing with their investments and real property in Italy.

Our services involve coordinating advice and assistance across various practice areas of the Firm, including tax, real estate, corporate, trusts and succession, litigation, mediation and other forms of ADR.

Two of the Firm’s partners in the Team are from common law countries; one is a qualified English notary and the other an Australian solicitor. They bring to the Team unparalleled experience and understanding of the problems faced by foreign investors in Italy, to exemplify, be they an English individual acquiring a retirement home in Tuscany, Umbria or on Lake Como or a disabled American inheriting Italian property under a US will involving a complex trust mechanism.

The main services that we provide to our private clients are:

  • Real property acquisitions in Italy for investment or retirement / second home use, assisting the client with every step from the selection of the property, engagement of the agent and preparation of the offer through to the finalisation of the notarial deed of sale and purchase
  • Structuring of investments through highly sophisticated corporate and trust mechanisms for the purposes of tax optimisation at both Italian and foreign tax levels
  • Assisting with building authorisations, negotiation with architects and builders for renovations, selection of qualified contractors and related agreements
  • Advising on and drafting property lease agreements, property management agreements for tourism and other uses
  • Assisting clients in the purchase of valuable items such as antiques, old and modern art works, jewellery, yachts, custom built cars, their insurance, delivery and exportation
  • Drafting wills, advising on the drafting of multiple wills and inheritance structuring in order to ensure that the property will pass on to the chosen heirs and beneficiaries and withstand challenges from third parties
  • Drafting trusts, registering foreign trusts in Italy
  • Italian estate administration, advising and assisting in Italian successions and in international successions comprising assets in both Italy and other jurisdictions
  • Advising on the tax structuring of Italian and international successions
  • Assisting foreign charities in the execution of Italian donations
  • Representing clients before the Italian courts and assisting clients in multi-jurisdictional disputes over the validity of wills, disputes over which will governs in the event that more than one valid will covers parts of the deceased estate in different jurisdictions, disputes over the application of the forced share that still exists in many European jurisdictions
  • Advising on the interpretation and application of the EU Regulation on Succession and on its impact in the several EU countries
  • Assisting with immigration for business or personal reasons
  • Claims of fraud and misrepresentation
  • Protection of personal data, data theft and reputation protection
  • In general representing clients before the European courts on the application of EU legal principles and EU legislation.



We provide individuals with professional, personalised and user-friendly legal services from partner level down words. No matter the size and value of the matter, a partner is always directly responsible at the front end.

We are able to bridge the tyranny of distance for clients based abroad by understanding their needs and advising on solutions accordingly, without the client needing to attend personally and waste time and money and without distracting them from their main job and activities.

We have fully qualified correspondent lawyers from all European countries who are able to understand and relate to private clients. Our two partners from common law countries can explain to our clients coming from those legal systems the essential differences in Italian and EU law.

We always place effort and use our experience in order to allow the client to fully understand the legal issues and their ramifications so that they can take an active part in the decision making process and remain in total control of their assets and investments.