Product Liability and Safety

After having been enacted in 1988 with a very low profile, under the need of harmonization amongst the then EC legal systems, product liability is now since more than ten years part of D.Lgs. 206/2005 (Consumer Code), the very first systematic codification enacted in Italy for consumer protection, which since 2010 governs even collective redress or class action.

Such amendments and integrations supplied strength and importance to this area of the law, increasingly supporting public opinion movements about protection from industrial products that are allegedly not as safe as they can lawfully be expected to be. Recently, several initiatives against governmental programs of children vaccinations were based on allegedly dangerous pharmaceutical products.

The interconnection between various categories of products and the needs of end-users whom these products are meant for, led through the years to implement massive and detailed technical rules governing production, distribution, and preservation of both consumer and durable goods, whose accurate knowledge is pivotal for the successful management of any disputes and issues involving this delicate sector.



We provide long lasting and successful assistance and advice to prime and global manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, in litigations filed by individuals or consumers’ associations claiming compensations for alleged adverse reactions to drugs and vaccines. We take peculiar care not only of commercial and financial aspects and coordination with medical and scientific experts, but likewise potential negative impacts on our clients’ reputation.

We took part in evaluating, preparing and managing campaigns either for precautionary recalls of lots of product or for adoption of protection measures against risks of product safety.

We gained through years a vast and qualified expertise of this sensitive area of liability, having been engaged to assist our clients in complicated cases involving manufacturers of car safety systems, toys, children clothes, sweets and food, oil and chemicals.