Real Estate
and Retail


Companies and private clients, both locally and internationally.


We offer a wide range of services related to real estate investment, financing, management and use of property and to specific projects.

Negotiations, drafting of sale and purchase agreements, urban planning issues, leases and commercial leasing and the sale and purchase of property portfolios.

Advising clients in the retail sector on the acquisition and development of land and of abandoned urban areas and related environmental, administrative and financial aspects, and in particular on related regulatory and urban planning issues, the hospitality sector, the purchase of hotels and tourist resorts, also by means of extraordinary operations and M&A transactions.

Advising and assisting Italian and foreign companies in expanding their retail network in Italy.

Assistance to foreign private clients in the purchase and sale of prestigious properties situated anywhere in the Italian territory.

Our multidisciplinary approach makes us a "one stop" partner for real estate clients of all kinds, offering the technical skill and ability to assist clients, including in M&A transactions involving real estate.