Real Estate and Retail

Our Real Estate Team assists both national and international, business and private clients, in relation to a wide range of day to day problems and services as well as extraordinary property investments, financing, utilization and management transactions, issues and projects.

In particular, we are well versed in the negotiation and drafting of contractors’ agreements, as well as in town planning issues, leases and leasing, and the sale and purchase of properties and property portfolios.

We have gained extensive experience in advising clients in the retail sector on the acquisition and development of brown and greenfield sites, and related environmental, administrative and financial aspects, and in particular on related regulatory and town planning issues, as well as in the hospitality sector, and the purchase of hotels and tourist residences, also by means of extraordinary and M&A transactions.

Our Team operates in co-ordination with the litigation and Administrative Law Teams, as well as the M&A and Tax Teams.

The Team also assists foreign private clients in purchasing and selling high-end residential property in all parts of Italy.

Through the Firm’s office in Moscow, the Real Estate Team regularly assists wealthy Russian private clients in the purchase of high standing properties in Italy.



Most professionals of our Real Estate Team are also experienced M&A lawyers, and are hence able to assist our Clients also from a real estate angle when assisting them in extraordinary M&A transactions involving real estate issues.

Our multi-disciplinary capability and our ability to assist and advise in all areas of the law, make our Firm an ideal “one stop” partner for Real Estate clients of all kinds.



De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani advises clients such as IKEA Property and Rolex Italia on real estate transactions and development projects. In other work, the Team assisted Outokumpu with the renegotiation of a rental agreement. Gianni Forlani is the key contact”. Legal500

De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani provides ‘prompt and good service’, mainly concerning construction and contractual matters with a particular focus on the retail sector. Clients include Outokumpu, IKEA Property and Ice Snei. Gianni Forlani heads the practice”. Legal500

De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani recently assisted steel manufacturer Outokumpu with a complex deal, which involved both the renegotiation of a rental agreement and entering into an option agreement for the sale of an industrial land and building compound. Milan-based Gianni Forlani is recommended”. Legal500