Transport, Insurance and Logistics

Our Firm has a best friendship in place with the Studio Legale Mordiglia, undisputedly the leading player in transport and shipping law in Italy, to work together in our respective fields of excellence, also developing specific projects according to business areas, industry sectors and geographic markets.

The joint capabilities of our alliance allow us to advise and represent clients on transport law in general, especially in the field of shipping, air navigation and rail transport law, as well as all related contractual, regulatory, EU, competition and insurance aspects, both nationally and internationally, and in both the contentious and non-contentious fields.

We also advise clients with respect to their freight forwarding and logistics activities, dealing with all issues related to custom law and excises.

The range of services provided include assistance on:

  • Ship and aircraft finance, including leasing and provision and enforcement of related securities
  • Construction, concession, licensing and operation of port terminals, marinas, and airport infrastructures and terminals
  • Carriage of passengers and cargo by sea, air and road, including the negotiation and settlement of charter parties and related freight documentation
  • Maritime and aviation labour law
  • Ships, aircraft, and yachts, including luxury yachts, from design and construction, to licencing and chartering
  • Civil liability and casualty insurance, for property, passengers and cargo
  • Risk assessment in insolvency proceedings and contractual remedies
  • Logistics management, third-party logistics and production logistics
  • Forwarding contracts, warehouse contracts and integrated logistics services
  • Damage to marine environment
  • Shipping, aviation and transport litigation
  • Ships and yachts sale and purchase
  • Marine casualties
  • Ships and yachts related tax, VAT and customs issues.



De Berti Jacchia has been working in Brussels since 1990 and over the years established a solid network of contacts with the Commission and the Union’s institutions, with a direct and privileged access to UE sources.

The Brussels team not only regularly provides immediate updates on EU law to all offices of the Firm and to clients, but also manages and publishes the “” blog, an innovative joint project with Studio Legale Mordiglia in providing information to all operators in the transportation sector.

Our best friends from Studio Legale Mordiglia are players of transport and shipping law and the international trade sector since 1950 operating from their Genoa and Milan offices, and are now recognized leaders in these fields, likewise at international level.