Our Regulatory & Compliance Team is supporting its clients by anticipating and keeping pace in a constantly evolving compliance framework.

We have developed significant expertise in analysing national and cross border compliance and regulatory frameworks in a scenario that is constantly evolving across industries and services. We support clients in both their major transactions and their day-to-day activity so as to preserve their business integrity, image and reputation.

Our clientele belongs to industries including pharmaceutical and medical devices, tenders and construction, telecoms and IT, strategic consultancy services, betting and gaming, HR, environment, tobacco, banking and finance, energy, manufacturing, rail and air transport.

Our Regulatory & Compliance Team has in-depth experience in assisting clients to minimize the consequences of investigations and enforcement actions involving, among others:

  • Antitrust
  • Bribery
  • Commercial fraud
  • Health and Safety (including asbestos cases)
  • Computer and IT crime
  • IP
  • Healthcare fraud and abuse
  • Money laundering
  • Public and Private Procurement fraud
  • Public corruption
  • Shareholder actions
  • Tax fraud
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Sports fraud
  • Data protection
  • Respect of human rights, supply chain ethical standards.

Our professionals have broad-ranging experience and expertise in advising on

  • Organisation, co-ordination and carrying out of due-diligence actions and internal investigations and audit that we conduct in a proportionate manner and in line with agreed objectives and outcomes
  • Supervising compliance programs and their due enforcement and implementation
  • Setting up of compliance and anti-bribery models and structures, to avert companies’ direct liability (according to Italian Legislative Decree 231/01) and the occurrence of compliance issues
  • Coordinated multi-jurisdiction compliance programmes for multinational groups.

We provide assistance to our Clients in both civil and criminal proceedings, up to and including the Supreme Courts, in cases relating to any charge arising from the alleged breach of the provisions of compliance and anti-corruption legislation.

We represent our Clients in administrative proceedings related to any investigation or proceedings brought against them.

We provide regular assistance on product and trade compliance issues, supporting multinational clients to understand their responsibilities, manage and minimize risk and the consequences of investigations at the local level and to comply with complex regulatory procedures.

Amongst others, we have been providing assistance on issues including consumer protection, product safety and liability, labelling and packaging, placing goods on the EU market, product recall and claims, chemicals and REACH legislation, import and export trade compliance, in many industry sectors, such as pharmaceutical and healthcare products, medical devices, food and beverages, cosmetics, motorvehicles and spare parts, consumer goods, luxury and fashion goods, electric and electronic products etc.



We can provide cross-border assistance in any complex regulatory and compliance framework.

We have been involved as counsel in several of the major investigations into compliance issues in Italy in the last decade.

Several of our partners are sitting on Supervisory Compliance Boards set up pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 of major multinational companies, including listed companies, and teach compliance law at University level.

We can put in place multi-disciplinary teams, including, for instance, in complex organisations (through the support of management and IT engineers as well as forensic economists fully integrated in the team), criminal law (white collar crimes, internal investigations), compliance law (anti bribery, whistleblowing), regulatory expertise (public procurement, administrative law). Other expertise (antitrust, tax, IT, data protection) in internally available and can be added to the single team.

For each client and matter on which we are retained, a specific team of professionals is selected comprising partners and associates that undertakes the assignment with the requisite sectorial skill, continuity and in a cost-effective manner.