Criminal, White Collar and IP

Probably among the first to understand the importance of a global approach, the firm has over the years developed and perfected the ability to address corporate crime in a synergistic way, in the context of business needs.

Our specialized team of criminal lawyers, has gained long experience in providing assistance to companies and individuals, both as victims of crimes and as defendants accused of business-related criminal offences.

In particular, our professionals can offer:

  • Out-of-court preventive consultancy to clients wishing to enter the Italian market or those who need to be kept up-to-date with the continuous evolution of national legislation, with a particular emphasis on the delegation of powers and companies’ administrative liability
  • Constant assistance in monitoring risk situations (such as in the areas of workplace health and safety issues and occupational illness, environmental, tax and financial matters)
  • Wide-ranging protection from attacks on the intangible assets of companies (intellectual property rights, business know-how)
  • Support in emergency situations related to actions of the authorities, with the ability to offer extensive judicial protection to individuals who require defense in court throughout the country.

Over the last forty years, our criminal lawyers have frequently represented victims of crime in criminal proceedings, be they executives or employees of Italian or foreign companies, have been appointed members of the Supervisory Boards, have held conferences on criminal issues concerning companies’ administrative liability and have been appointed to specialized Bar Association commissions.

An ad hoc approach is worthwhile bearing in mind in the IP context, where globalization, technological advance and improved transports and logistics at lower and lower costs not always serve only progress, good causes and the welfare of consumers. They also supply formidable tools to infringers and counterfeiters who are able to commercialize fake goods worldwide free-riding on the goodwill and renown of brand owners and right-holders, frequently delivering unsafe and valueless products, but at a minimal cost, with maximum speed, efficiency and untraceability. Countless items infringing trademarks, designs and copyright are illegally introduced into Europe every day, making the resort to the traditional means of civil IP law increasingly unfit to face the threat. The weaponry supplied by criminal law then lends extra force to the defense of IP rights.

Our IP Practice, regularly operating in conjunction with our criminal counsels and private investigators, has developed a long established experience and expertise in securing and managing customs surveillance, effecting seizures of counterfeit goods, instigating the criminal prosecution of importers and end users, or their subjection to administrative sanctions, instituting civil damages actions against importer companies and individuals. We regularly deal and liaise with the Customs Offices, Public Prosecutors and the Tax Police in all such connections. There are also other areas of IP law that benefit from the enhanced protection offered by criminal law, such as in connection with the theft of trade secrets, and the investigation and prosecution of unfaithful employees, researchers and scientists, and we are fully geared to advise and assist in those connections too.



The vast experience gained by our criminal lawyers in providing support to corporate clients enables us to assist them into the planning of their business activities from the very kick off and preventing and managing exposure to criminal liability.

By regularly collaborating with professionals from other practice areas, our criminal lawyers are able to deal quickly and seamlessly with situations that require immediate action. This also leaves us very well placed to provide support to internal audit activities.

Our criminal lawyers are admitted to appear before the Supreme Court and have developed decades of experience in all national courts, including the Constitutional Court, as well as international courts, all of which ensures that we are competent and assured in dealing with any kind of judicial procedure.