Criminal Law


Companies and individuals, both as victims of crime and as suspects under investigation or charged with business-related criminal offences.


Prior advice to clients wishing to enter the Italian market and need to be kept up-to-date with the continuous evolution of national legislation, with a particular emphasis on the delegation of powers and companies’ administrative liability for criminal offences

Monitoring risk situations (such as in the areas of workplace health and safety, environmental, tax and financial matters)

Protection from attacks on intangible assets (intellectual property rights, company know-how)

Support in emergency situations arising from initiatives by the authorities, defence of persons charged with an offence in courts throughout the country.

In the field of intellectual property in particular, globalization, technological advance and improved transport and logistics at ever lower costs provide formidable tools to infringers and counterfeiters, in the face of the growing inadequacy of the traditional tools of industrial law.

Our professionals in the IP area, working in conjunction with authorities, criminal counsels and private investigators, have developed long established experience and expertise in securing and managing customs surveillance, obtaining seizures of counterfeit goods, instigating the criminal prosecution of importers and end users or their subjection to administrative penalties, bringing actions for civil law damages against importer companies and individuals.