Corporate and Commercial

Our ability to establish long-term relationship allows us to get to know our clients, their business and their goals.

Our Corporate and Commercial Team assists a number of major clients belonging inter alia to the following industries: automotive and components; chemicals, medicals and pharmaceuticals; environment; steel; toolings; materials technology; mining; fashion and luxury; travel; technology; food and beverages; real estate, engineering, design and construction; retail; cyber security; telecommunications; logistic/transport; semiconductors; shipping.

Our Firm regularly provides corporate counsel and advice on a continuous basis on all aspects of the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements with customers, suppliers, distributors, franchisees, etc. to numerous domestic and international clients, including those which are initially assisted on transactional work such as an acquisition or a joint venture.

These characteristics allow us to forge longstanding relationships with both national and multinational corporate clients, some of which we have assisted for over 40 years.

On the strictly corporate side, our work covers:

  • Setting up of companies and branches
  • Due diligence assignments
  • Appointing and revoking directors
  • Supervisory bodies
  • Structuring directors’ powers
  • Corporate secretarial duties
  • Advising directors on their fiduciary duties
  • Ordinary and extraordinary corporate transactions
  • Conflictual Shareholders’ and Board of Directors meetings
  • Company law litigation
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Shareholders’ rights
  • Advise clients on new legislation and regulations which may impact their businesses.



The Corporate and Commercial practice area is not rigidly structured. The coordination between Team members and the structure of the work is determined on a case-by-case basis and the leadership of the Team is allocated to the professional best suited for each specific matter.

No matter what stage a company is at – starting up, buying, growing, selling, winding up – our Corporate and Commercial Team can competently assist its clients and deliver effective business law advice and solutions.


Corporate and Commercial in Moscow

Our Firm is one of the few Italian law firms that has had its own offices in Moscow for more than two decades: this local presence represents a considerable advantage for both Italian and other non-Russian companies wishing to do business in Russia and other CIS countries, as well as for Russian companies and individuals willing to operate and invest abroad.

Our long and well known presence in Moscow has allowed our Firm to establish close collaborations with a number of partner organizations in the various CIS jurisdictions.

These relations enable us to assist our clients not only on legal matters of all kinds, but also to solve a variety of commercial issues connected with doing business in the CIS region (such as, for instance, finding local partners, providing clients with easy and reliable access to detailed financial information, obtaining certification of products, dealing with local compliance features, etc.).