Russian and CIS

Since 1995 our Firm has had a Russia and CIS Desk made up of a team of professionals having expertise in various branches of the law and with specific knowledge of the countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and more in general the ex-Soviet territories.

Our Russian and CIS Desk provides first-tier advice to Italian companies interested in expanding into Russia or the CIS. In particular, we:

  • Advise Italian companies in disputes with Russian companies (preparation and representation before state courts, arbitration tribunals, correspondence with Russian law firms)
  • Advise Italian companies when establishing branches in Russia (initial advice as well as follow-on assistance, and assistance in the selection of, or correspondence with, Russian law firms)
  • Advise corporate entities offering a wide range of tax services aimed at satisfying their needs by providing “ad hoc solutions”. Our Desk is traditionally engaged in international tax projects structuring cross-border and national acquisitions to maximize tax efficiency, and offers strategic tax planning for international investments (including joint ventures and partnerships), as well as transfer pricing organizational and operational engagements.

Our domestic and international clients operate mainly in the following sectors: automotive, banking and finance, consumer goods, chemicals, energy and the environment, pharmaceutical and medical devices, food & beverage, real estate and construction, fashion and luxury goods, retail, telecommunications and infrastructure, textiles, rail and air transport.

Our Desk works closely with the Firm’s Moscow office and has a network of correspondent lawyers in all member States of the CIS. It is coordinated by partners Armando Ambrosio (who is aour resident partner in Moscow), Michelangelo Cicogna and Massimiliano Gazzo.

Luisella Lovecchio collaborates with the team as Counsel.

All members of the team speak fluently Russian and/or English.

Team in Moscow:
Armando Ambrosio
Andrey Morozov
Igor Brazhevsky
Alisa Pestryakova