Insolvency and


We assist various parties involved in bankruptcy proceedings, in particular multinational groups belonging to a wide range of sectors including tourism and travel, aviation and onboard products and services, steel, construction, workwear fabrics, machine tools, water treatment, food, retail, betting and gaming.


Restructuring and distressed investment.


  • in all insolvency and in-court or out-of-court pre-insolvency proceedings
  • to creditors and contractual counterparties affected by domestic and cross-border procedures, both with regard to the continuation/structuring of commercial agreements, and in all phases of ascertainment of liabilities/verification of credits, as well as in possible litigation
  • to multinationals recovering debts from bankruptcy procedures

Assistance to foreign groups that have invested in companies in distress or are involved in insolvency proceedings, advising on appropriate protection measures and liaising with the organs of the procedure.

Assistance, through our network of foreign correspondents, to companies subject to insolvency procedures or extraordinary administration in handling litigation, winding up foreign subsidiaries, sale and recovery of assets, debts and capital.

We have developed particular expertise by assisting:

  • the creditors of the aviation industry, suppliers and partners of the main Italian airline company
  • the counterparties of the main Italian steel manufacturing group in extraordinary administration, as well as, more recently, the counterparties of a large Italian construction group in extraordinary administration

It is not easy for foreign parties to understand the intricacies of the Italian bureaucratic and regulatory system. We have developed the ability to clarify its dynamics by working with the foreign counterparts of large groups involved in Italian bankruptcy proceedings.