Insolvency and


Multinational groups belonging to a wide range of product sectors including travel and tourism, air transport, onboard products and services, steel, construction, real estate, workwear fabrics, machine tools, water treatment, food, retail, gaming and betting.

Italian companies and international investors operating in the field of special situations and who have invested or intend to invest in businesses and companies in financial distress or involved in crisis resolution procedures (acquisitions in distressed scenarios).

All parties involved in various capacities in crisis resolution and debt restructuring procedures: companies facing crisis or insolvency situations, shareholders, directors, creditors (including financial institutions), receivers, investors (including institutional investors).


Thanks to the firm's professionals in the different practice areas (including tax law and labor law), as well as the international network of professionals who have been cooperating for years with the firm, we are able to provide comprehensive assistance in the area of business crisis, in all its aspects.

In particular, we provide assistance:

  • in the negotiation, drafting and implementation of compositions with creditors
  • in negotiated crisis settlements, crisis resolution procedures and debt restructuring agreements regulated by the bankruptcy law and the new code of business crisis
  • in distressed investment transactions: acquisitions of businesses from companies in crisis, as part of negotiated crisis settlements, compositions with creditors as well as judicial liquidations
  • in the interlocution with domestic and cross-border procedures, both with regard to the structuring / continuation of commercial agreements, as well as in all stages of verification of claims and liabilities, as well as in possible litigation
  • in recovery from insolvency proceedings
  • in litigation, liquidation of foreign subsidiaries, divestment and recovery of businesses, of shareholdings and in debt collection.

It is not easy for foreign counterparts and investors to understand the complex Italian bureaucratic and regulatory system. We have developed the ability to clarify its dynamics by working with foreign counterparts of large groups involved in crisis resolution procedures.