Insolvency and Restructuring

Our extensive experience in insolvency law, restructuring and distressed investment is the result of many years spent in assisting various players either involved in insolvency procedures or having relations with counterparties in insolvency procedures, including several multinational groups belonging to a variety of industries; to name a few, tourism and travel, aviation and onboard products and services, steel, construction, workwear fabrics, machine tools, water treatment, food, retail, betting and gaming.

In particular, our Insolvency Team has developed specialized expertise in assisting large groups in the aviation industry. Many of our clients are suppliers and joint venture partners of the main Italian airline company, currently in extraordinary administration procedure, to whom we provide advice, including on how to structure their commercial agreements in order to obtain maximum protection and assist them in the claim filing process.

Similarly, we have been assisting for some years the counterparties of the main Italian steel manufacturing group in extraordinary administration, as well as, more recently, the counterparties of a large Italian construction group in extraordinary administration.

Over the years, we have assisted a number of important foreign groups in purchasing assets and businesses from companies in distress and involved in insolvency proceedings, suggesting the appropriate protections and negotiating with receivers agreements for the lease and subsequent purchase of the business as a going concern.

In general, we assist creditors in dealing with all phases of cross-border insolvency proceedings and in the resulting litigation.

Thanks to our efficient credit recovery unit, we provide assistance to a large number of multinational groups in the collection of their debts from insolvency and restructuring proceedings all over Italy.

Through our network of foreign correspondents, we regularly assist companies subject to insolvency procedures or extraordinary administration in handling litigation, winding up foreign subsidiaries, sale and recovery of assets, debts and capital.



We have long and consolidated experience in assisting claimants and creditors around the world in large-scale insolvencies and are well equipped to help them understand and go through the intricacies of these procedures, which are strictly regulated and complex under Italian law.

We combine such experience with our considerable M&A expertise, allowing us to assist clients in relation to all the possible implications of a transaction.

When a company is facing a difficult financial situation, time is more essential than ever: our consolidated experience allows us to propose speedily the most appropriate ways to act in each specific case and considering all commercial and legal risks.

At the same time, we never lose sight of the fact that every distressed situation is unique, and we can offer a “tailor made” approach, where necessary with the support of the economists and business consultants we cooperate with.